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Get your boat Summer Ready!

Get your boat Summer Ready!

Spring has arrived. What does that mean? It's time to get back in the boat and sail away. When you are ready, it is nice that your boat is ready for summer.

Get your boat Summer Ready!


Spring has arrived. What does that mean? It's time to get back in the boat and sail away. When you are ready, it is nice that your boat is ready for summer. When do you take a day off to check your boat? Make sure you can at least check off the following points:


Does my engine need maintenance?

Yes, it certainly has. Did you change the oil before hibernating the boat? No? Then change the oil so that it retains the correct thickness and prevents wear. What do you think of the filters? Make sure you check these every year, so that they do not remain full of dirt and moisture and the power of your engine remains optimal. How is the steering cable attached? Check that there are no breaks in it and that it is still well lubricated. Do the v-belts still run smoothly? They should not hang, have no cracks and make no squeaking noise. So, make sure you have the right tension. Is there still coolant in your engine? An empty reservoir cannot cool an engine. Is your battery still alive? Check the status so you can start the boat with ease anywhere, anytime.


Do the anodes need to be replaced?

The anode(s) prevent corrosion for the part of your boat that is under water. So make sure you don't forget this maintenance task, so that you are always ahead of damage. An anode sacrifices itself, that is its job. Is the anode worn out? Then replace it! The aluminum of your outboard motor or drive remains protected in this way.


Does your boat have an antifouling layer?

An antifouling is available for all surfaces. This ensures that growth on the part of your boat that is under water is not possible. In this way the sailing qualities remain optimal. So it is definitely recommended! There are two options: self-sharpening and hard antifouling. Which one you need exactly depends on the speed of your boat. Be well informed, because there are various types based on the waterway (fresh, salt or combination), the seasons and the material of the boat.


Is there electricity that no longer works?

Electricity is indispensable on board! If you have a smaller boat, a battery will do just fine. Please note that you regularly test your equipment and especially if you have not used your boat for a while. This way you will not be faced with surprises and it will remain pleasant and safe on the water.


Can I still guarantee safety on board?

Every boat owner knows that you must have life jackets on board. Check! How are your mooring lines? Do they show any flaws? Check! Is your fire extinguisher used or defective? Then make sure you have a new one on board in time. Check! Are you going on the water in the dark? Then you have lighting on your boat. Check!


What other maintenance does your boat need?

Is the propeller shaft bent or damaged? Check this out! This way you always remain in control of your boat and maneuvering is no problem for you as a skipper. Is the seating comfort still optimal? Provide cushions for a relaxed sailing day. A cleaning also does a lot for the appearance of your boat interior and exterior.


Do you have any tips and tricks to prepare your boat for summer that should not be missed? Let us know!


Have you made a checklist? Great, schedule an afternoon as soon as possible and get to work! Do you think this is all too much hassle? Take your boat to a dealer and treat it to a service. That's not a bad idea anyway! After all, a dealer knows everything about it and will check all points. Even more than mentioned above. Your boat and engine get exactly the attention they deserve. This way your boat will be ready for summer in no time and you can sail into the summer with peace of mind.


See you soon, on the water!


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