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An OptiMate product can be a life-saving tool for your battery. Think of the vehicles that you personally own or that you use professionally: a car, a motorcycle, a boat and more.

A battery charger that you connect and goes to work itself, that's OptiMate. The charger adapts to the battery size and the state that it's in; he repairs all empty batteries, including those that can't be saved by other chargers; an environmentally friendly product, because of efficient energy use.

The technical products from OptiMate are a must for every vehicle owner. For every battery, there is a matching battery charger. A battery monitor offers an answer to the question whether the vehicle charging system functions correctly. Extension cables and connectors ensure a weatherproof connection. And a USB charger makes a quick connection to the battery, so that a device can be charged at any time.

OptiMate O-108
Weatherproof USB charger 12-V.
OptiMate O-23
A cable extender that connects weatherproof.
Solar 60W - Travel Kit
Easy and quick to use: unfold, plug in and you're done!
DUO Solar 10W - Travel Kit
Easily take this Solar Kit with you in its travel case.
OptiMate Test
Test the performance and voltage of a battery.
OptiMate O-20
This cable creates a weather proof connection.
DUO Solar 10W
Power from the sun, to charge a 12V and a Lithium battery.
OptiMate 6 Select
A select charger for starter and deep cycle 12V batteries.
OptiMate 6 Ampmatic
An ampmatic charger that saves 12V batteries, that other chargers can't.
DUO Solar 20W - Travel Kit
Easily take this Solar Kit with you in its travel case.
DUO Solar 40W
To charge a 12V and a Lithium battery, by using the sun.
Solar 60W
The solar system that can save empty batteries and offers maintenance.
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